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Barre Up! Interval Blast

This class is taught by:

Orla Swift

Orla is a yoga teacher and an avid swing, salsa and Argentine tango dancer. She loves the precisely focused movements of BarreAmped, and how doing it diligently over time — with ever improved form and technique — only makes it more challenging and transformational. She's eager to help Barre Up clients refine their own technique in order to refine their bodies and feel increasingly strong and limber. Orla earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal and her master's from Duke University. She is a native New Yorker and spent the first half of her career as a theater and dance critic and arts reporter before moving to her new life as director of marketing & communications at Duke Gardens, where she also teaches yoga and deep tissue therapy ball massage.

Julie Smith

Julie has loved barre work since she was a teen. She checked out the Callanetics video so many times, that her mother finally allowed her to fail to return it!
Fast forward to an adult that needed to shape up while being mindful of old equestrian injuries, Julie discovered Pilates and fell in love. She became certified to teach in 2006, followed by full Pilates equipment and Gyrotonic certifications. She always integrated some of her old barre routines into her classes, and wanted to more fully mesh her Pilates and Barre experience. BarreAmped certification perfectly combined the precision of Pilates with the intensity of barre. The attention to detail and form allows Julie to truly educate the bodies in front of her rather than just powering through a class routine. She loves watching people re-shape their bodies and lift their spirits with mindful physical activity.
In 2013, Julie stumbled upon Buti yoga. With her kundalini-based Gyrotonic and core-focused Pilates background, she recognized the potential this movement had to break open barriers to generate strong and supple bodies. Certified in Buti yoga since 2013, Julie completed her 200RYT certification in 2015. She has also completed additional Vinyasa Flow trainings with Stephanie Keach and Tamal Dodge.
Julie lives in Raleigh with her husband, Walter, their college age son and two daughters. She continues to ride hunter jumpers, and works to create time for her high speed driving hobby with her husband at VIR.
Barre Up Interval Blast combines the sculpting and body shaping of traditional Barre Up! class and amps it up with Cardio Intervals to burn fat and re-shape your body in a remarkably short time.

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