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Hot Core + Sculpt

This class is taught by:

Winter Holbrook

Winter has been a part of the studio ever since it opened in 2013. She started as a client and fell head over heels in love with the classes, the instructors and the small, supportive environment of women. After years of going to the gym and other studios, she finally felt like this was her "home". The studio helped transform her mind, body and soul and she took the plunge to get her Buti Yoga certification and then subsequently followed with her 200hr RYT, Buti Flow, Vinyasa, HotCore/Sculpt and Barre Certifications.

Her passion is helping people be the best version of themselves and motivating others to push past the limits that may hold them back. She loves helping people make the mind-body connection and watching them transformation physically, but most importantly, mentally. Winter was also voted as one of two "Most Moving Instructors of 2016" for the Raleigh area and in 2017 was among the "Best Fitness Instructors in Raleigh".
When not in the studio, Winter works for a construction management firm and also moonlights as the Vice President of a local not-for-profit - Models for Charity. Her free time is spent enjoying life with her husband - Sam, her 2 stepchildren - and her favorite furry babies - Drake and Annabelle. 

Leah Ward

Leah grew up playing soccer, tennis, running and riding horses. After years of physically demanding sports and playing soccer in college at WVU, she had sadly accepted a fate of potentially never having any flexibility. Once Leah moved to Raleigh from Washington DC in late 2013, she discovered Barre Up and it didn't take her long to fall in love with everything the studio stood for. In early 2014, she decided to challenge herself and become certified to teach Buti Yoga, helping Barre Up become one of the first prominent studios to offer these empowering, strong classes for women around the triangle area.

Leah has since been able to become immersed in her passion for motivating and helping all levels achieve their own individual goals and is continuously inspired by the magic that Barre Up brings to the community. Her quirky, upbeat personality and always interesting 'Rhythm and Poetry' music choices are a favorite amongst our wonderful clients. If she's not in the studio, you can typically find her stop, drop, and yoga'ing around Raleigh with her corgi and camera in tow. In 2017 Leah was graciously voted among the "Best Fitness Instructors in Raleigh". She is currently 200 hr RYT Buti, Buti Flow, Vinyasa, Hot Core/Sculpt and Barre certified.

Megan Lively

Always interested in exercise and being mindful with nutrition, and having delivered her first child in early 2013 - she didn’t really have a plan to get her pre-child body back. Balancing work life and being a new mom, Megan found Barre-Up, thanks to Winter! Megan loved training with the fantastic instructors to gain strength, flexibility and confidence.

Fast Forward to baby #2- Megan religiously went to all the classes offered at Barre-Up through her pregnancy, due date and past. Becoming an expert in pregnancy modifications (through sheer practice) at the Barre. Megan got her Pilates Meets the Barre Certification in April 2016 and was recently was certified in Buti Yoga. 
Megan lives in Raleigh with her husband, 2 toddler daughters & boxer dog.
Challenge your deepest core muscles with this 45 minute blast. We'll spend 20 minutes focusing on core muscles + 20 minutes on interval cardio + yoga holds. We'll finish with a well-earned and relaxing savasana.

Upcoming classes:

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