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Staff List

Julie Smith
Julie has loved barre work since she was a teen. She checked out the Callanetics video so many times, that her mother finally allowed her to fail to return it!
Fast forward to an adult that needed to shape up while being mindful of old equestrian injuries, Julie discovered Pilates and fell in love. She became certified to teach in 2006, followed by full Pilates equipment and Gyrotonic certifications. She always integrated some of her old barre routines into her classes, and wanted to more fully mesh her Pilates and Barre experience. BarreAmped certification perfectly combined the precision of Pilates with the intensity of barre. The attention to detail and form allows Julie to truly educate the bodies in front of her rather than just powering through a class routine. She loves watching people re-shape their bodies and lift their spirits with mindful physical activity.
In 2013, Julie stumbled upon Buti yoga. With her kundalini-based Gyrotonic and core-focused Pilates background, she recognized the potential this movement had to break open barriers to generate strong and supple bodies. Certified in Buti yoga since 2013, Julie completed her 200RYT certification in 2015. She has also completed additional Vinyasa Flow trainings with Stephanie Keach and Tamal Dodge.
Julie lives in Raleigh with her husband, Walter, their college age son and two daughters. She continues to ride hunter jumpers, and works to create time for her high speed driving hobby with her husband at VIR.
Caroline Wall

Caroline Wall discovered BarreAmped via Pilates, to which she became addicted when she was recovering from double mastectomy surgery. She was looking for ways to rebuild her strength and flexibility and found that Pilates offered those things and more. The changes in her body that she felt and saw as a result of her Pilates practice gave Caroline the self-confidence she needed during her recovery. For her, BarreAmped has the benefits of Pilates and goes one step further. One of Caroline’s favorite things about the BarreAmped workout is that it challenges your body AND mind, creating not only physical strength and a sculpted physique but also mental balance. Caroline is certified as a BarreAmped Instructor and Core Mat I and II Instructor through Power Pilates. She loves watching her clients meet goals that they didn’t imagine they could.

Outside the studio, Caroline loves being with her husband Marshall and their two sons. She also enjoys running, cooking and reading.

Orla Swift
Orla teaches barre and deep tissue therapy ball massage at Barre Up. She loves the precisely focused movements and mind-body connection of these practices, and how doing them diligently over time — with ever improved form and technique — only makes them more challenging and transformational. In addition to barre and therapy ball massage, she is certified in kundalini yoga and Yoga Tune Up (RYT-300+), Power Pilates Mat I & II, and Little Guru children’s yoga. She also keeps active by dancing Argentine tango, swing, salsa and more.
Liz Hurst
After years of taking Pilates and yoga classes in Raleigh and Cary, I decided to take it a step further and turn my passion into something I can share with others. I have recently been certified for BarreAmped and plan to be Pilates Mat certified in early 2014. My love for Pilates brought me to the barre at Barre-Up. Since practicing BarreAmped, I have learned so much about the body and how to keep that mind to core focus in order to transform my figure. I am much stronger since taking barre classes at Barre-Up, and my flexibility continues to increase. Barre has truly given me a different outlook on working out, it has now become a new frame of mind.
Winter Holbrook
Winter has been a part of the studio ever since it opened in 2013. She started as a client and fell head over heels in love with the classes, the instructors and the small, supportive environment of women. After years of going to the gym and other studios, she finally felt like this was her "home". The studio helped transform her mind, body and soul and she took the plunge to get her Buti Yoga certification and then subsequently followed with her 200hr RYT, Buti Flow, Vinyasa, HotCore/Sculpt and Barre Certifications.

Her passion is helping people be the best version of themselves and motivating others to push past the limits that may hold them back. She loves helping people make the mind-body connection and watching them transformation physically, but most importantly, mentally. Winter was also voted as one of two "Most Moving Instructors of 2016" for the Raleigh area and in 2017 was among the "Best Fitness Instructors in Raleigh".
When not in the studio, Winter works for a construction management firm and also moonlights as the Vice President of a local not-for-profit - Models for Charity. Her free time is spent enjoying life with her husband - Sam, her 2 stepchildren - and her favorite furry babies - Drake and Annabelle. 
Katie Rich
Katie fell in love with barre after feeling her body become so much stronger and more flexible after just a few weeks of classes. She tried pretty much every form of exercise, and to her, the combo of classes at Barre-Up make the perfect balance of strength training and stretching to achieve a healthy body and mind. She feels that it is so empowering, and loves both taking and teaching classes at the studio. She likes to keep her classes high-energy, and always want clients to leave the studio feeling like they’ve challenged themselves just a little more every time.
Lauren Rice
Lauren has lived an active lifestyle since she was 6 years old when she started playing tennis and swimming. After a car accident shattered Lauren’s wrist 5 years ago, she knew she had to find new ways to be active that helped rebuild her wrist strength. It was then that she discovered Barre. Lauren has been teaching barre at Barre-Up since 2014 and Buti yoga since 2015. For her, “fundamentals are the building blocks of fun” and each of Lauren’s classes has a strong focus on perfecting form first to get the most out of every workout.

When she’s not at the studio, Lauren spends her days selling software and her weekends bartending in downtown Raleigh… and, of course, enjoying time with her dog and cat, Charlie and Slinky.
Leah Ward
Leah grew up playing soccer, tennis, running and riding horses. After years of physically demanding sports and playing soccer in college at WVU, she had sadly accepted a fate of potentially never having any flexibility. Once Leah moved to Raleigh from Washington DC in late 2013, she discovered Barre Up and it didn't take her long to fall in love with everything the studio stood for. In early 2014, she decided to challenge herself and become certified to teach Buti Yoga, helping Barre Up become one of the first prominent studios to offer these empowering, strong classes for women around the triangle area.

Leah has since been able to become immersed in her passion for motivating and helping all levels achieve their own individual goals and is continuously inspired by the magic that Barre Up brings to the community. Her quirky, upbeat personality and always interesting 'Rhythm and Poetry' music choices are a favorite amongst our wonderful clients. If she's not in the studio, you can typically find her stop, drop, and yoga'ing around Raleigh with her corgi and camera in tow. In 2017 Leah was graciously voted among the "Best Fitness Instructors in Raleigh". She is currently 200 hr RYT Buti, Buti Flow, Vinyasa, Hot Core/Sculpt and Barre certified.

Jen Manning
Jen is a FT mom, wife, and learner as well as joy & peace seeker. She is also a PT speech therapist, yoga instructor, runner, knitter and concertgoer. She found the Barre-up studio when looking for something more after 20+ years of running and practicing yoga (mainly Vinyasa styled). She found that Buti Yoga combined the cardio, strength and flexibility aspects nicely in one packaged hour and while she continues to enjoy recreational running and other types of yoga she was also searching for a balance. Having always been a good student, becoming an instructor allowed her to learn more, practice better and prepare to share the joy of Buti, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga with others. She is trained in RYT-200 with certifications in Buti Yoga, Kids Yoga and most recently Yin Yoga where she studied with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
She hasn't regretted one iota of the journey and thoroughly enjoys teaching classes just as much as she continues to enjoy taking classes.
Her favorite food is buttered toast, she's picky about her beer, she believes one could never have enough shoes and her favorite 2nd family is her Barre-up family.
Jessica Dalere

Jessica enjoys an active lifestyle and began experimenting with diet in high school, testing her body’s reactions to vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo diets. While working as an elementary school teacher, subject to the ailments of her students and coworkers, she recognized food as a source of healing and prevention. With professional training from the Health Coach Institute, she currently works as a Health Coach with a mission to develop and support her clients’ goals to improve their physical, dietary, and spiritual nutrition.

Lindsay Eldridge
Lindsay grew up playing soccer, running and snowboarding before her passion for the outdoors brought her to work as a kayaking and backpacking instructor. She suffered from a herniated disk in 2013 and found that Pilates gave her the strength, flexibility and stability to maintain an active lifestyle. Driven by her successful recovery, she took her Pilates certification with Balanced Body, which ultimately led her to her Barre certification at Barre-Up in 2015. Lindsay loves how every exercise and pose can be modified to suit individual’s needs and is excited to pass her knowledge along!
When not in the studio, Lindsay can be found traveling around NC and beyond. She loves to spend time with her husband, Ryan, and continues to find adventures to embark on with friends and family in the Triangle area as well.
Grace Goodwin
Grace is RYT-200 as well as Buti Yoga and Barre certified. She loves creating an environment in which women can feel healthy and challenge themselves to be stronger. She has a passion for promoting proper body alignment, to maximize safety, effectiveness, and functionality. 

Grace has a Masters of Science in Nutrition and is currently undergoing the training to become a registered dietitian. Her area of focus is maternal and infant nutrition, though she is passionate about empowering all people to gain control of their health and happiness through quality food.

When she's not at yoga, you may find Grace drinking coffee at Liquid State, wandering the NC Art Museum, or eating pizza at Trophy Brewing (nutritionists eat pizza, too!). She loves her two kittens, political podcasts, and trying new coffee shops. Grace is originally from Alexandria, Virginia, and has loved the warm and friendly people she has met in Raleigh since moving here in 2015.

Lisa DePinto
As a dancer through college, Lisa always loved moving to a beat. The lack of adult dance classes led her to replace dance with running, but she kept getting injured due to the lack of proper cross training. Lisa found Barre-Up after a friend suggested she try barre classes instead of wasting money on a gym membership she never used. She became obsessed. After a few classes turned into a monthly membership, her runs got easier, injuries diminished, and she felt stronger and more confident that she had in a long time. Barre became more than cross-training, so much so, that she got her Barre certification in 2016.

She enjoys teaching the early morning classes and making them fun, upbeat, and "Choose your own adventure" style to get the day started. She loves incorporating exercises you can do at the office or at home to promote overall health and wellness to make sure everyone is a rockstar from the inside out!

In her free time, Lisa enjoys taking care of her zoo (2 dogs, a cat, rats, turtles & a fish!), training for run-ventures with her better half, getting caffeinated at Cup A Joe, reading all the things, and geeking out over fandoms.

Megan Lively
Always interested in exercise and being mindful with nutrition, and having delivered her first child in early 2013 - she didn’t really have a plan to get her pre-child body back. Balancing work life and being a new mom, Megan found Barre-Up, thanks to Winter! Megan loved training with the fantastic instructors to gain strength, flexibility and confidence.

Fast Forward to baby #2- Megan religiously went to all the classes offered at Barre-Up through her pregnancy, due date and past. Becoming an expert in pregnancy modifications (through sheer practice) at the Barre. Megan got her Pilates Meets the Barre Certification in April 2016 and was recently was certified in Buti Yoga. 
Megan lives in Raleigh with her husband, 2 toddler daughters & boxer dog.
Shannon Reeder
Shannon, RYT 200, began practicing yoga in 2006, and it has been an essential part of her life ever since. She felt an instant connection to the peacefulness that came along with her first class, and she knew yoga was something that she wanted to live, practice and understand on a deeper level.
Shannon completed the 200-hour Prana Flow Energetic Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training developed by Shiva Rea, and she is a member of Yoga Alliance. She is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification in Shiva Rea’s revolutionary Prana Vinyasa system. Shannon has taken additional trainings in Kids Yoga, Supported Yoga and Yoga for Seniors. Shannon splits her time teaching in her hometown of Raleigh, NC and her adopted town of San Pedro, Belize, where she spends several months a year.
Shannon’s classes offer a welcoming and comfortable environment. She looks forward to seeing you in the flow!
Corey Blondeau

A longtime runner and fitness enthusiast, Corey has a passion for helping others and making exercise enjoyable. Her certifications include EXOS, Barre Up, & TRX. She also has a culinary degree from L’Academie de Cuisine. Corey knows the importance of combining exercise and nutrition to feel our absolute best.

Tiffany Pridgen
Tiffany started practicing yoga about 10 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the physical & mental challenge. She found herself practicing daily and slowly transforming her life and becoming a calmer and more peaceful person. In 2014, Tiffany completed her first RYT-200 training and have since completed an additional 270 hours of formal training led by teachers Bryan Kest , Claudine Camperlengo, Quinn Reynolds and Emily Wallace. She is humbled and inspired by her students and grateful to have the opportunity to share yoga with others.
Elisabeth Gibbons
A recent yoga-holic, Elisabeth considers Barre-Up as a second home and inspiration for her to become an instructor. She most enjoys the energy, friendly and accepting environment, and mental indulgence from the workout and classes. She has also greatly broadened her music knowledge as an instructor. Elisabeth is RYT 200 and Buti Yoga certified. She teaches Buti, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga.
Aside from yoga, Elisabeth keeps busy working and traveling for her market research company which she started with a business partner, 14 years ago. When she is not working or practicing yoga, she can be found enjoying time her with family, bicycling with her husband, or taking every opportunity to visit her two daughters.
Byron Jennings
Byron is a native of Gainesville, FL who was raised in Charlotte and is a NC State graduate (Go Wolfpack!!)! He’s been a law firm manager for 13 years and also does acting and modeling. Fitness and dancing have always been important to him, so 4 years ago, he decided to leap into Fitness instructing and has never looked back! Byron’s excited to join the Barre Up family and to be able to "break it down" with all of you.