4224 Beryl Road, Suite A Raleigh, NC 27606



Lauren Rice

Lauren has lived an active lifestyle since she was 6 years old when she started playing tennis and swimming. After a car accident shattered Lauren’s wrist 5 years ago, she knew she had to find new ways to be active that helped rebuild her wrist strength. It was then that she discovered Barre. Lauren has been teaching barre at Barre-Up since 2014 and Buti yoga since 2015. For her, “fundamentals are the building blocks of fun” and each of Lauren’s classes has a strong focus on perfecting form first to get the most out of every workout.

When she’s not at the studio, Lauren spends her days selling software and her weekends bartending in downtown Raleigh… and, of course, enjoying time with her dog and cat, Charlie and Slinky.

Lauren Rice instructs the following:
  • Wake and Shake - Barre Up! Pilates meets the Barre
  • This Early Morning class is designed to get your heart pumping and your legs shaking for a great start to your day.
    You must register by 9:00 pm the previous evening. The class will be cancelled if there are no registrations by 9:00 the night before the class. So, bring a friend, and schedule in advance.