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Lisa DePinto

As a dancer through college, Lisa always loved moving to a beat. The lack of adult dance classes led her to replace dance with running, but she kept getting injured due to the lack of proper cross training. Lisa found Barre-Up after a friend suggested she try barre classes instead of wasting money on a gym membership she never used. She became obsessed. After a few classes turned into a monthly membership, her runs got easier, injuries diminished, and she felt stronger and more confident that she had in a long time. Barre became more than cross-training, so much so, that she got her Barre certification in 2016.

She enjoys teaching the early morning classes and making them fun, upbeat, and "Choose your own adventure" style to get the day started. She loves incorporating exercises you can do at the office or at home to promote overall health and wellness to make sure everyone is a rockstar from the inside out!

In her free time, Lisa enjoys taking care of her zoo (2 dogs, a cat, rats, turtles & a fish!), training for run-ventures with her better half, getting caffeinated at Cup A Joe, reading all the things, and geeking out over fandoms.

Lisa DePinto instructs the following:
  • Barre Up! Pilates Meets the Barre
  • Barre Up classes combine the intensity of traditional barrework, alignment and length of Pilates, and centering heart-opening yoga to tone and strengthen your body from the inside out. Our method supports your active life outside the studio with a strong core, better posture, and a calm mind.

  • Wake and Shake - Barre Up! Pilates meets the Barre
  • This Early Morning class is designed to get your heart pumping and your legs shaking for a great start to your day.
    You must register by 9:00 pm the previous evening. The class will be cancelled if there are no registrations by 9:00 the night before the class. So, bring a friend, and schedule in advance.